Sustainable Designs for Eco-Friendly Interior Spaces

About the Material

Size: 1000x1000mm (±2mm)
Thicknesses: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm (±2mm tolerance)
Rigidity and Durability: high
Waterproof and Rot-Proof: High
Heat Resistant: up to 90° Celsius
Finishes: matt/glossy and can be polished
Scratch Resistant: moderate and can be maintained
Plastic types: HDPE and PP
The boards we create are easy to work with as we use machines similar to those used for woodworks, such as sanders, polishers, sawblades, routers, and CNC. Thus, they can be easily cut, drilled, and joined together using strong adhesives screws, and heat.

The boards we produce might slightly defer than those shown in the pictures and between production, due to variations of plastic alignment and type.

Also, Paltic boards may have small air bubbles (holes) from its interior due to the different sourcing of recycled plastic. This is beyond our control, but reach out to us to better understand the material.

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About the Process

Our Impact

Can you believe that each individual generates an average of 100kg of plastic waste every year? What’s worse is that 9-15% of this plastic is recycled annually, and the remaining ends up in our oceans and lands for hundreds of years.

At Paltic, we are able to take around 50% of your plastics and recycle them into sustainable boards that are used for furniture, product and interior design. This means that around 6,000 bottle caps or 200 bottles are saved with every board we produce.

Isn’t it interesting how the water bottle sitting on your desk and the desk itself can both be made from the same material? Think about it!

Each individual generates
an average of

of plastic waste every year
0 Kg
of this plastic is recycled annually
9- 0 %

Every board 

bottle caps